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In this free video report, you will receive The Secret Solution To Pelvic Floor Problems (even your doctor, dula, or physical therapist has never heard before.)

30% of women suffer from pelvic floor problems Do you ever....

Experience pelvic pain when you are walking or exercising?

Leak when you laugh, cough, or sneeze?

Avoid intimacy with your partner because it hurts or is uncomfortable?

You're not alone. In this free video report, you will receive The Secret Solution To Pelvic Floor Problems (even your doctor, dula, or physical therapist has never heard before).

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"I met her at about 3 months postpartum and was immediately intrigued by the full body approach she employed. It was refreshing to not have someone just recommending kegels. Sandra's approach was different. She has an incredible understanding of the anatomy of the pelvic floor and how our everyday postures and movements affect its integrity. I learned so much from her about movement and functional anatomy and her program helped me to get strong again, free up some of the restriction in my tissues, improve my posture and heal my prolapse. PT program, I was not only hiking, I was running again and actually ran a half marathon recently! Not only was Sandra's method a success for me, her gentle and genuinely caring presence made me feel cared for and understood throughout the process. "

Becky C.

"Saw Sandra for my pelvic pain. I was doubtful because I had an existing tailbone injury that - 2 years of chiropractic work had not helped. I was pleasantly surprised when after the first week, I had already felt improvement! 2 months later I can sleep and walk pain free! I’m also finally getting relief with my tailbone. Sandra teaches easy mobility and strengthening exercises, and foam rolling techniques to do at home to help quicken the recovery process. This program really works! "

Erin P

"I honestly thought this was not really an “issue” and thought it was normal! I’ve become a walking billboard for her because I tell moms all the time, it doesn’t have to be this way! Peeing in our pants is not normal! I now understand that pelvic floor problems is not an isolated area issue solved with one or two exercises like kegels, but more of a total body shift and a pelvic girdle/posture issue. I don’t have to wear a damn panty liner to run 😂 "

Jenna G

Key Takeaway From This Video Report

Strategies Beyond Frustrating Kegels

This guide shows holistic strategies to resolve pelvic floor problems. We share why neck pain, back pain, and poor posture can play a major role to why your Kegels are not working.

No More Embarrassments

Peeing your pants doesn't have to be normal. This guide shares an alternative method to the more traditional, invasive, and embarrassing internal work that is often not needed.


Patient Tested For Effectiveness

After hundreds of patients, we know what works, even though it's still  unknown by most physical therapists, doctors, and even midwives & dulas. 



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